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More Mobile Website Upgrades

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CWS continues to upgrade our mobile website platform for real estate brokers.  Smart mobile devices continue to be at or near the top of consumer wish-lists, and we challenge ourselves to keep pace with this rapidly evolving hardware.  We are very pleased to announce major improvements to the experience of smartphone users.

New Styling
A total styling overhaul has been completed.  Graphics, colors, and navigation links have been updated to significantly improve usability, particularly for users of modern smartphones such as the iPhone and Android devices

Proximity Search Using Location Services/GPS
You now have the option to give your users with smartphones the ability to almost instantly find the nearest properties for sale in their vicinity.  Cool!

Street View

Google’s popular Street View is now available for geocoded properties for sale (Google’s US coverage for Street View is excellent)

Website Tie-In, Easy Bookmarking

We can provide an attractively-designed splash page on CWS-hosted websites to engage with the mobile product.  The consumers enters his or her mobile phone number into a text box and submits it.   The consumer will then receive a text message with a link to the mobile site homepage.  Bookmarking becomes easy for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Android users; on the first visit to the redesigned mobile site, these users will be shown a short paragraph describing how to easily drop an “app-like” shortcut on their device’s desktop. 

Main Website available
You now have the option to allow mobile device users who wish to visit your primary website to click a link that does exactly that, overriding the sensor that ordinarily sends mobile device users to the mobile site.

Coming Soon
We are frequently asked about the possibility of creating agent-branded mobile websites.  If that is of interest to you, or if you would like to give your users the ability to locate open houses near the spot they are currently standing, stay tuned to this space over the next few weeks!