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UltimateIVR Keeps Moving Ahead

Friday, January 21, 2011

Homebuyers today are looking for deals.  Your IVR system can make that easy - with ”Recent Price Changes!"  Your system can be set up so that callers hear:  “..The Price was changed on this property this week…”  - thus creating awareness of this potential bargain! 

We've added playback for interior and exterior features.  From hot tubs to cathedral ceilings, give your home buyers the ability to hear the unique  features that  distinguish each and every property in your market.  As a post property play option, UltimateIVR lets home buyers hear the rich details of each home's interior and exterior features!

When you are out of the office and don't have easy access to a computer, how do you mind your leads?  With UltimateIVR, your leads are just a phone call or text away. Using InstaUCall, getting your leads is as simple as calling your Ultimate IVR and entering a property code.  Upon doing this, UltimateIVR will play back the last five callers and the time and date they called.

InstaUText gives you the power to have the last five leads sent as a text message to your phone. It's as easy as sending a text with the property code number to your UltimateIVR system. Ultimate IVR will respond immediately with the last five callers on this property showing you the caller ID and time called.